Lost in the Chaos. St Andrews, Scottland.

Executive Strategy Meeting

Angela: CEO

Jim: VP Engineering

Tanya: Head of Security

Chidi: Legal

Matt: Application Security Lead

Jim: We are two weeks away from our next product. We have kept it quiet for competitive reasons, but this is our next billion-dollar bet. It is a social media app with…

Every transformation requires energy. Creation of the Universe, a new life, carbon crystalizing into a diamond. On a tundra, where there is minimal energy, everything remains static, and even the dead do not decompose. We, humans also need the energy to transform into something new, something different. Usually, the impetus…

#Intotheunknown — when you encounter something unexpected and life changing

This is the second part of the article on Asset Management, the previous article can be found under here.

Just Enough Asset Management(JEAM) design was influenced by the concepts and definition of Minimum Viable Product(MVP); what is the least amount of data, engineering and operational effort required to create and…

Ahsan Mir

A being…

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