I had too many things, though I never bought things if I didn’t have the money. I was raised to never buy things for which I couldn’t afford. I worked hard for what I had & I bought everything by earning the money, never took anything from anyone. But buying things was trying to buy happiness and I realized it was wrong. Accumulation created ego, they altered the way I looked at things. A few years i reflected on what I was doing, I was in a rat race to get this and buy that. I was not living, my life didn’t have enough impact. I was not using the time I had to leave a positive impact, to do things that would be bigger than me, leave people better, the world better when I leave and I could leave at anytime, such is life, I must not have regrets, I must have done something to leave this place better than I found it. There was this urgency to correct the course, live a meaningful life, life of someone who produces, has an impact instead of a consumer, getting impacted by the events. I got rid of everything but I absolutely didn’t need, simplified my life. I figured out what I wanted that impact to be. I have set goal, I have found gratitude in what I have and happiness in the little things, reading, walks, playing music, conversation with good, sincere friends, things that we take for granted. My goals are no longer the reason I will be happy, they are things that I must do to leave an impact, these are things for others. We can live a life of a consumer and perpetually be unhappy as we accumulate materials and titles hoping the next one would give us that satisfaction, but our appetite grows, the hunger to have more increases as we consume and we are perpetually unhappy, unsatisfied. Give up things, even meals, as you consume less, you start removing clutter, you get clarity, you get happier, you start finding your true self. In that meaning of living a good life. It is a start and I am learning, but I am glad I am on this path.


A being…

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