I have read the article, I will add the following: plan ahead what makes you happy — richness in life is not directly tied to money but money helps with not stressing about things you want. You can simplify your life and focus on things that make you happy and matter. Spending time with friends, your pet and family, reading a book, watching a movie, enjoying a meal, hiking in nature, whatever it might be. Time is money that’s the key, you will get everything back but not time. Use it to do things that you enjoy and improve yourself. If doing house chores will make your other half happy, then it is worth spending time on it. Don’t spend time sitting idle, unless that’s how you relax, balance it with how you are using that time to improve, as a human, build a skill, gain knowledge, explore opportunities but make sure you have enough for that things that makes you happy. Have clear goals, if you don’t have goals then you are on a road without a destination, have lofty goals because you will reach them and find yourself with “now what” question. It has happened to me☺️. Perhaps your goals should not be around just making money, it should be around pursuing your passion, you will make money along the way and if nothing else, you will enjoy yourself and if you are passionate enough you will be good enough to be moderately successful at it and make money. Life is not about making money, it is about finding happiness, richness of mind does not necessarily mean a fat wallet. We should decouple the two, whether you just need a fat wallet, or you want a rich mind, perhaps you can have both but I will take the richness of mind over wallet. Again money will not make you happy, find what makes you happy other than money. Most of the time that thing does not cost much, but it will require your time. Be kind and be a giver.


A being…

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