I read this and then reread this. I realize the point of view, but even thinking about yourself as good, defeats the purpose. You suddenly are superior to others who presumably are not. It is a journey, journey of trying to do the best we can be. I constantly feel like an imposter, constantly assess and reassess my motivations. It is a on going struggle, for me there is no good person, but a person who strives to be fair, equal, just, honest, empathic, kind and helpful, you never reach the class of the “Good person”, there is no such class. If you do something it is not for others, not for self, it is because it needed to done at the moment, someone had to do it, solve that problem. You were given the opportunity, you do it and move on, task done, no memory, no recollection, no reward, no ego, it must be done, so it should be. I would be so bold to suggest, that article should be retitled, on a journey to be your better self. Because what you have here is really good advice, just not put ourselves over others as better. We are not, we have flaws, we are human, struggling to be better. Thank you.


A being…

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