It won’t change if we ourselves are not the agent of change, through our actions, interactions, set backs, through relentless pursuit of what is good and right, at all cost. Doing what is right, is simply hard, it is not always the easy path and has a cost, sometime heavy cost. We must be willing to pay that cost, not words, talks, but actions at personal cost, through resistance. However what is right is perhaps a society that is inclusive of everyone’s thoughts, opinions, a just and equal society, a fair society, an empathic and compassionate society. A society that values beings not materials and money, Capitalism with beings at the center of what drives that engine . So I completely agree we must not look up to bring about change, expect organizations and entities to drive towards equality and fairness. Do that today with our actions, all our combined actions can do a lot more to bring about change as long as we are willing to pay the price. So start today, when there is enough momentum the organization and entities would not have any option but to change.


A being…

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