This is very well written, competent advice, yet most would read it and go back to the same. The fear-driven, get it now, instant gratification culture of today where FOMO defines the zeitgeist. We pay more attention to what others have that we want than what we have, and gives us joy. Sorry for the dark note. But what you have written can only be absorbed by one who is open for self-reflection, wants a change from this rat race of making money instead of the living, and leaving an impact that makes the world better for those around us and those who will one day call it home. The escapism seen through dreams of living on Mars while destroying our beautiful home is what we have now. There was hope that pandemic will allow more self-reflection, but it seems that we are heading perhaps in the opposite direction. Maybe change comes from changing oneself. So will focus on that instead of being dark.


A being…

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