Though I appreciate the sentiment I do not agree. I am having a hard time to pin point where rip and replace to create a just, fair and equal society has ever worked in a sustainable manner, French Revolution? Society Union? Chinese revolution? It is not that this is new. What we are talking about is human nature, what as a society, as a specie we value. Our sports teams often support mascots of predators, we often refer to someone who is courageous as a lion. We appreciate and value the predators. Everyone wants to be called a lion, a lioness and that’s who we find at the top of the society, predators. Everyone wants to be one and no one would want to live in a society of lions, with murder and mayhem. We value materials, all of us, we value things, even the moral good people. Greed is innate to our psyche. So the solution is not institutions but working with who we are, inherently greedy, survival oriented beings. Tech companies and the financial industry could easily be replaced by Kings and religious institutions and you will see the same sort of disparity in social and economic conditions. So do I think it is hopeless, no. Even with greed and predatory instincts we also have this ability to do good, be self scarifying and generous. Instead of ripping and replacing we should just try to be good ourselves, do whatever we can be to create a society that is just and fair. Know the rules so you can break them more effectively. I do not believe that mass institutional change is sustainable, politics runs in cycles. If we want change we must change ourselves and through that change everyone connected with us, keep with it no matter how hard if we want to be create that just society. Everything starts with grass roots, change what the society values and the institutions will change. But they only reflect what the society value, not through force but with kindness and generosity towards each other. There will always be those who are predators let us not be dissuaded by them, let’s find examples that we want to follow and not ones we don’t.


A being…

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